Web-Based Energy Management Made Easy, Actionable, and Affordable

Based in Austin,  THG Energy Solutions, LLC is a comprehensive energy management solutions provider that helps commercial, industrial, and governments manage and identify cost savings through energy and utility data management best practices. THG educates, organizes, and empowers clients to achieve savings by becoming more informed energy managers for the buildings they operate.

We help companies gather, process, and organize energy by applying technology and experience to analyze, monitor, and improve key facets of an energy program and provide actionable and meaningful reports for management.

THG developed its EMS portal and Automated Demand Response technologies from the ground up, allowing us to integrate reports and techniques based on years of experience analyzing data. Owning and developing our technology means we can personalize a solution for each client and each facility.

We specialize in large, multi-facility portfolios. Our ideal customers are energy users trying to organize and manage energy spend and use, like:

  • Government and Municipalities
  • Independent School Districts
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education Institutions
  • Multi-location Retail
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Banking and Financial
  • Oil and Gas Facilities
  • Brokers, Suppliers, REPs…Ask about our Private Label Partnership program!

Our Valuable Team Members

<strong>Daniel M. Frey</strong>
Daniel M. FreyManaging Member
In March, 2011, Mr. Frey along with the current management team acquired THG Energy Solutions. Frey has more than twenty-five years of energy marketing and trading business experience. Frey was formerly Executive Vice President of Market Development for Seminole Energy Services, LLC. Frey previously held executive positions with El Paso Energy and Samson Resources Company. Frey managed natural gas marketing and trading operations with a consistent track record of performance, growth, and customer service. Frey was also a senior executive and managing member for Seminole’s Retail Electric Provider in Texas. Through this process, Frey gained significant knowledge and experience in retail and wholesale electricity markets. Throughout the past twenty-five years, Frey has gained broad energy experience working with large and small energy clients to implement successful strategies for effectively managing energy cost and usage. Frey has testified in front of FERC and state regulatory commissions in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Frey is a former CPA and received his MBA from Oklahoma State University.

<strong>Mark Lane</strong>
Mark LaneEVP of Demand Response
Mark Lane joined THG Energy’s management team as Executive Vice President of Demand Response Services in January 2013. Lane is recognized as a pioneer in the field of demand response and holds patents pertaining to ADR technology and its application. Mr. Lane’s background includes over 29 years of experience in building automation, thermal dynamics and energy management. He has held the position of: President for RTP Controls, an automated demand response provider; Division President for Micro Thermo, a subsidiary of United Technology; and Director of Sales for Emerson Climate Technologies. Lane’s other patents include a unique secondary refrigerated case design, now used in many of today’s supermarkets. Lane invented THG’s automated demand response system, including both hardware and software design.


<strong>Alex Weidensee</strong>
Alex WeidenseeDirector of Commercial Accounts
Alex Weidensee brings a deep understanding THG’s complete product offerings and has a reputation as a strong client advocate. Mr. Weidensee graduated from the University of Tulsa with a Bachelor’s degree in Energy Management. Before THG, Mr. Weidensee extensively researched large demand electricity tariffs from across the country to build energy cost models for industrial consumers. As Director of Commercial Accounts, Mr. Weidensee oversees the day-to-day operations of the Account Representative group, providing experience and support in energy efficiency calculations, rate analysis, and energy data analysis. Alex provides product training and demonstrations for facility managers, operations and accounting personnel.

<strong>Max Frey</strong>
Max FreyBusiness Development Manager
Joining THG in April of 2013, Mr. Frey develops and maintains relationships with industry clients who utilize THG’s offerings for automated demand response and energy management. Mr. Frey combines experience in utility invoice analysis and deregulated energy sales with a deep understanding of THG’s offerings to closely work with clients to develop and deploy energy solutions for commercial and industrial end-users around the country. Frey works out of THG’s Austin office, and is a graduate of Trinity University, where he earned degrees in Finance and Accounting.

<strong>Cory Kowal</strong>
Cory KowalADR Product Director
Cory Kowal joined THG in January 2013 as a member of the Automated Demand Response team, and in his time at the company has had sales, technical, and operational experience with the ADR system. As ADR Product Director, he serves as an interface between the business development and engineering teams, guiding system design and new feature development. Prior to joining THG, Kowal worked at a large public relations and business advisory firm, focusing primarily on financial clients. He received his bachelor’s degree in Finance and Marketing from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX, where he was a member of the tennis team. In his free time, he enjoys watching sports and attempting to be a competent golfer.

<strong>Chad Burden</strong>
Chad BurdenDirector of Sustainability
Chad Burden joined THG Energy’s management team as Director of Sustainability in February 2013. Since, he helped orchestrate the development of a greenhouse gas reporting tool for facilities and homes, planned a city-wide building competition for Tulsa, and provided business logic for the upcoming residential energy management portal. Mr. Burden earned his Master of Science in Environmental Science from Oklahoma State University and has experience working with various green building protocols, including: U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program, EPA’s ENERGY STAR program, and the National Association of Home Builders program. Mr. Burden is available to support your sustainability efforts, including: greenhouse gas reporting, ENERGY STAR scoring/certification, and inspiring green teams to implement best practice energy management. Burden previously served in management positions in varying capacities for Winnercomm Inc., including: sales planning, finance, and sports marketing. He is a Navy veteran who served in navigation operations and voyage planning onboard a nuclear submarine.

<strong>Todd Sobocinski</strong>
Todd SobocinskiDirector of Network Engineering
Todd Sobocinski joined THG in May 2014 as a network engineer on the Automated Demand Response team, but he soon took the lead on network and data security efforts across THG. With twenty years of experience at both Fortune 500 companies and major research universities, Mr. Sobocinski brings a broad yet deep knowledge of servers, databases, networks, online services, and how these systems can securely interrelate in different environments. He has a passion for pinpointing and diagnosing system problems and security issues, especially during the product design and implementation planning phases. Mr. Sobocinski originally hails from the Detroit area, and he earned his bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Michigan.

<strong>J.D. Harp</strong>
J.D. HarpApplication Engineer
J.D. Harp joined our engineering team in May 2013 to support THG’s nationwide roll-out of our Automated Demand Response technology. Mr. Harp installs equipment, provides technical support, as well as conducts on-site facility walk-throughs to ensure our installations will meet the customer’s operational requirements, economic goals, and utility-sponsored commitments. Harp earned his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma with hands-on experience in the construction industry. Prior to joining THG, Mr. Harp also ran his own small business. He is a current member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Association of Energy Engineer