About THG Energy Solutions

THG Energy creates cost-savings, conserves resources, and lowers client’s risk through actionable energy analytics, sustainability reporting, and automated energy management. Contact us to learn more.

Meet Our Team

THG’s core team comes from diverse backgrounds in energy marketing, building controls, engineering, and data management. THG’s clients and industry partners benefit from our broad range of expertise, and our ability to take on projects with the customer’s best interest in mind.

Daniel M. Frey
Managing Member

Daniel Frey has more than 30 years of energy marketing and trading business experience. In 2011, he led a group of investors to acquire THG Energy Solutions. Since then, he and the management team have dramatically expanded THG’s offerings in energy and demand management to clients across North America. Before joining THG, Frey was EVP of Market Development for Seminole …

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Mark Lane
EVP of Demand Response

Mark Lane joined THG Energy’s management team as Executive Vice President of Demand Response Services in January 2013. Lane is recognized as a pioneer in the field of demand response and holds patents pertaining to ADR technology and its application. Mr. Lane’s background includes over 29 years of experience in building automation, thermal dynamics and energy management. He has held …

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Cory Kowal
VP of ADR Services

Cory Kowal joined THG in January 2013 as a member of the Automated Demand Response team, and in his time at the company has had sales, technical, and operational experience with the ADR system. As ADR Product Director, he serves as an interface between the business development and engineering teams, guiding system design and new feature development. Prior to joining …

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Chad Burden
VP of Sustainability Services

Chad Burden joined THG Energy’s management team as Director of Sustainability in February 2013. Since, he helped orchestrate the development of a greenhouse gas reporting tool for facilities and homes, planned a city-wide building competition for Tulsa, and provided business logic for the upcoming residential energy management portal. Mr. Burden earned his Master of Science in Environmental Science from Oklahoma …

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Max Frey
VP of Business Development

Joining THG in April of 2013, Mr. Frey develops and maintains relationships with industry clients who utilize THG’s offerings for automated demand response and energy management. Mr. Frey combines experience in utility invoice analysis and deregulated energy sales with a deep understanding of THG’s offerings to closely work with clients to develop and deploy energy solutions for commercial and industrial …

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Laurie Wiegand-Jackson
Strategic Board Advisor

Laurie Wiegand-Jackson is a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman with over thirty years of experience in the energy industry. She currently serves as President & CEO of Utility Advantage a NJ based national provider of energy consulting services company. She founded Utility Advantage to provide independent consulting and energy services to the government, institutional and private business sectors in 2003. In …

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