Market Integrated Load Management


Electricity is the most volatile commodity on the planet. While our electricity grid works effectively 99% of the time, there are extreme fluctuations in the value of electricity that occur without most people knowing. During these times, grid operators turn to more expensive, often “dirtier” forms of generation to meet grid demand. The role of Demand Response emerged as a way for end-users to provide strategic reductions in usage in response to these grid emergencies. Over the past decade, demand response has emerged as an effective and lucrative way for electricity users to come to the aid of grid operators.

Demand response works for the individual, the grid, and the environment for a number of reasons:

  • DR participants have access to an additional revenue stream
  • Increases grid reliability, which decreases the need for brownouts and rolling blackouts
  • Supports resource conservation and corporate sustainability efforts

What makes THG different?

THG’s Integrated Market Response solution marries load response opportunities to identified asset-level strategies. THG’s intelligent gateway device integrates with assets, either by layering on top of existing building automation or supporting direct-load control strategies, and keeps a watchful eye on market opportunities for load response. THG’s system fully addresses each step in the demand response process, including:

  • Load control and market awareness
  • Intelligent notification
  • Real-time load reduction and automatic load restoration
  • Reporting of load reduction and monetary benefits associated with participating

While the system is designed to be hands-off, THG provides 24/7 access to our web-based platform where facility managers and their colleagues can monitor their performance, opt in or out of participation, and change asset control strategies.

THG’s patented algorithms are driven by web-based tools that allow users to frame load response strategies all the way down to the asset level. Features like our “DR Logic” tool build a customized framework for assets available for load response strategies.

With some basic information about a prospective facility, we can determine whether it is a good candidate for Demand Response. We’ll also provide a revenue estimate for participation. From there, we will dive deeper into the various programs, discuss load control strategies, and schedule an on-site walkthrough. We work with you to determine the appropriate DR programs, which assets are involved, and schedules that work best for each facility.

Hands Off Administration of Both Demand Response Programs and Voluntary Economic Load Response

Automatically receive and respond to both Demand Response Program Signals and real time energy pricing. THG’s provides a secure and reliable, automated platform designed to reduce peak price energy use and take advantage of provider based incentive programs with minimal management and operational impact. THG’s ADR Platform provides all Measurement, Validation, and Settlement of all ADR events in an easy to use aggregated reporting tool.

Integration with Customer’s Facilities

Our ADR solution integrates with a customer’s BAS (Building Automation System) or directly controls assets (generators, lighting, pumps, etc.) to automatically curtail energy usage based on market signals and customer curtailment preferences. A simple integration (usually a few hours) at your site installing our ADR device and you are usually up and running in less than a day.

SaaS Solution

Our customer portal runs in the cloud so there is no software to install. A very simple interface for the customers gives them complete control of their curtailment and reports on savings. It is also OpenADR 2.0a&b certified, the most comprehensive certification available for ADR solutions.

To find out more about Automated Demand Response, including THG Energy’s proprietary smart controller with real-time market monitoring and aggregated load control capabilities, contact us today. | 877.629.2894

Please see our ADR brochures for more information

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