Energy Management

Our flagship service offering is the SaaS-based enterprise EMS portal designed for multi-facility organizations spread out across a wide geographic area. Our proprietary EMS utility management software solution forges utility invoice and data reception, auditing, accounts payable exporting, and aggregated energy usage analysis. Our solution is an Internet/cloud-based system, which utilizes a facility tree that is fully customizable and can provide a hierarchy of data from the meter to any organization-wide level for reporting. Using technology, experience, and a field-tested data acquisition process, THG:

  • Continuously monitors key facets of your energy program, including: energy usage, demand, regulated and deregulated rates, contracts, supply, and greenhouse gas emissions. We analyze cost and savings opportunities at the facility level and help companies manage their entire energy program at a corporate level.
  • Produces detailed accounting and operating cost, usage and demand information. We specialize in electricity and natural gas, but we also manage water, sewer, compressed air, CO2, waste, recycling and many other metered or billed utilities and commodities.
  • Provides full-service, turn-key data management of utility and supplier bills, smart meter and interval data integration, sub-metering, and other cost, usage, and demand components. Reports are exportable to commonly accessed file formats, like Excel and PDF. Standard features include: bill validation, bill processing, facility benchmarking, weather normalization, and greenhouse gas tracking. Premium features include: tariff analysis, energy policy creation, energy budgeting, and ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager integration.
  • Delivers EMS services to thousands clients across all industries. We’ve helped our clients realize millions of dollars in documented savings from tariff analysis, bill auditing, penalties avoidance, and tax advisory services.
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