Collection of utility bill data can be a real struggle for most organizations – especially those spread across the nation. THG manages this process for all your commodities in a number of ways.Read More
Our SaaS-based utility intelligence platform is designed to drive best-practice energy and utility management practices for multi-facility organizations. Our proprietary platform utilizes invoice and data reception to create aggregated, actionable energy analytics. Read More
THG utilizes patented technology that streamlines load management strategies for all types of users; allowing end-users to react to external factors that are major cost-drivers.Read More
Who We Are
THG Energy Solutions, LLC (THG) is an Austin, TX based leading energy data and technology company. THG provides web based energy management and Automated Demand Response (ADR) solutions to a wide variety of commercial energy clients throughout the United States. THG’s private labeled EMS portal and proprietary ADR controllers provide energy industry partners with simple, affordable, and fully supported “best in class” energy management solutions.
Our Mission

What Clients are Saying

We like using THG’s Energy Management Service because it keeps all of our utility bills organized, audited, and easily accessible. When our Accounting or Facility Management staff needs immediate access to the most up-to-date utility bill information – cost, usage, or reporting analytics – all we have to is log on to the portal and get it. It also makes tracking my energy conservation measures a snap. I can even access the portal through my mobile devices, while I’m out of the office.
Wayne Driggers, Facility Manager for Tulsa County Expo Square
I am pleased to share the results of the university’s energy savings efforts for the first half of this fiscal year. Total energy costs from July to December 2013 were under budget by $132,579. This significant savings is the result of excellent work across campus to reduce electrical and natural gas consumption and water usage. Our facilities department has partnered with THG Energy Solutions on an energy management program for the past two years. I appreciate the work by this team, and by the green teams around campus, to help us save resources and move us closer to our goal of becoming one of the most energy-efficient schools in the nation.
Robert Henry, President of Oklahoma City University
In the last seven months, we have saved 4,000,000kWh and reduced peak demand 900kW over the same time last year. With 40+ utility bills, the only way to keep this many invoices manageable is to have them organized in an energy management portal, like THG Energy Solution’s. This has been great for me, as a huge time saver and reporting tool for executive management.
David King, Director of Energy Management for ORU/CityPlex