Demand Response

THG’s demand response (DR) solution aligns adjustments in electricity usage at facilities with the conditions of local power grids. Through THG’s solution, customers are able to maximize savings and revenues associated with demand flexibility.

THG’s hardware and software solution:

  • Leverages existing building controls and automation

  • Tiers predetermined adjustments to electricity

  • Real-time usage and historical reporting available in platform

  • Reports performance to applicable market programs and partners for settlement and payment

The Role of Demand Response

Grid operators in electricity markets across the world are tasked with balancing power production with the demand for electricity. Even during times of relatively inexpensive power, up to 10% of total annual electricity costs can be traced to only 1% of the year. Adjusting electricity consumption during these critical times represents significant revenues and savings for customers, while also enhancing the reliability of local electricity grids, and assisting with the adoption of intermittent energy resources like solar and wind.