Gearing Up for Summer

Practical Checklist for Summer Prep

Energy and Facility Manager Edition

Summertime is just around the corner.  While most everyone is looking forward to more hours of sunshine, and sandals, along with those perks comes much higher temps.

We wanted to share a practical five step checklist for energy and facility managers to help prepare as they gear up for the summer months:

  1. Review Historical Data: Take a stroll down memory lane (well, data lane, really). THG’s EIS Platform allows you to quickly review past summer energy usage and demand patterns. Identify any trends or anomalies. It’s like checking the weather forecast for the energy world!
  2. Set Goals: Channel your inner coach and set some energy-saving goals for the summer. Maybe aim to reduce peak demand during those scorching hot afternoons or strive for overall energy efficiency improvements. Setting goals keeps everyone motivated!
  3. Embrace Automation: Let technology be your summer sidekick! Consider automating systems like HVAC controls, lighting, and even equipment scheduling. Automation can help optimize energy usage without you having to break a sweat (unless you’re into that).  If you really want to get fancy, THG can pair your automation and flexible load to market programs and demand management strategies.
  4. Conduct Energy Audits: Think of it as giving your facility an energy check-up. Use THG’s benchmarking tools to conduct virtual energy audits to spot any inefficiencies or areas for improvement. It’s like a treasure hunt, but instead of gold, you find energy savings!
  5. Educate and Engage: Share the summer energy-saving game plan with your team. Educate them on best practices, encourage energy-conscious behavior, and maybe even throw in some friendly competitions. Because saving energy is a team sport!  Our THG Team are experts at training energy, accounting, and sustainability professionals on how to use our portal resources.

Remember, tackling energy efficiency is a journey, not a sprint! With these steps, you’ll be well on your way to a cool and energy-efficient summer.

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