Unlocking Potential – Seizing Opportunities in Energy Sustainability Through Engagement

Seizing Opportunities in Energy Sustainability Through Engagement

Recent conversations with various companies have unveiled a significant shift towards embracing GHG reporting and compliance on a broader scale.  This shift is driven by SEC requirements, supply chain requests from key clients, and rising stakeholder demands. We view this emerging trend as a vital opportunity for electricity providers to capitalize on.

Understanding the Roles in Carbon Management
Leading providers of electricity and utilities are key to the growing focus on carbon management. The customer load and usage data utilities and REPs have access to enables precise Scope 2 GHG emission calculations, which includes both location-based and market-based factors. Successful GHG mitigation depends on strategic electricity sourcing, such as RECs, PPAs, green tariffs, or innovative DER technologies like solar arrays and batteries.

Electricity Sourcing Partners Have Key Role In Emissions Reporting
Electricity consumption greatly impacts GHG emissions. By offering expanded services that include detailed sustainability reporting for gas, water, waste, and recycling, utilities and providers can offer significant value to their business customers. This broader data and reporting access helps  present comprehensive sustainability profiles that enhance relationships and create “wins” for all parties involved.

Encouraging Partnership with THG Energy Solutions
At THG Energy Solutions, we specialize in turnkey data and technology solutions for the energy sector. Our energy and sustainability platform supports organizations in expanding into sustainability management, with out complicated data processes, and without disruption or changing providers. Our team assists with account review, training, customer success, and client engagement.

The industry is evolving, and now is the perfect time to advocate for broader offerings. THG has partnered with top industry players to navigate and seize these new opportunities.


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