Chad Burden

Chad Burden joined THG Energy’s management team as Director of Sustainability in February 2013. Since, he helped orchestrate the development of a greenhouse gas reporting tool for facilities and homes, planned a city-wide building competition for Tulsa, and provided business logic for the upcoming residential energy management portal. Mr. Burden earned his Master of Science in Environmental Science from Oklahoma State University and has experience working with various green building protocols, including: U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program, EPA’s ENERGY STAR program, and the National Association of Home Builders program. Mr. Burden is available to support your sustainability efforts, including: greenhouse gas reporting, ENERGY STAR scoring/certification, and inspiring green teams to implement best practice energy management. Burden previously served in management positions in varying capacities for Winnercomm Inc., including: sales planning, finance, and sports marketing. He is a Navy veteran who served in navigation operations and voyage planning onboard a nuclear submarine.