New Certification for Our ADRC

Ensuring the Highest Accuracy Meter Data

THG’s Automated Demand Response Controller (ADRC) recently received the ANSI C12.1-2014 Certification. The ANSI C12.1 standard provides the requirements for all kilowatthour metering devices, both electronic and electromechanical, with its latest C12.1-2014 revision release in 2018.

This standard establishes the physical aspects and performance criteria for a meter or submeter’s accuracy class. The ADRC’s pulse module was certified under accuracy, load/no load, weather and voltage variations, performance stability, and other test cases.

The certification furthers THG’s integrations and capabilities into electricity markets such as PJM, where customers are now more seamlessly and efficiently connected to the energy markets, lowering DR enablement costs and increasing revenue. It also ensures that meter data is of the highest accuracy and quality, allowing THG to continue to help customers make smarter energy decisions through better insights into energy consumption trends and habits.

Our ADRC helps our clients realize their biggest and most overlooked savings opportunities by layering over their existing building controls and providing real-time automated load response, text and email monitoring and notifications, and detailed market integration. THG’s proprietary controller is an integral part of our Active Load Management Solution–a system that automatically notifies and adjusts consumption in response to high prices, peak load charges, and grid conditions; allowing your energy goals to be achieved.

Our Active Load Management system provides a new view of how your facilities best integrate with the market. THG introduces a unique perspective on load management opportunities, addressing all aspects of what creates a dynamic and sustainable load management strategy. We go beyond traditional capacity programs to provide an integrated market solution that takes advantage of economic response programs available in all markets like PJM, ERCOT, NYISO, ISO-NE, and CAISO.

For more information on the active load management opportunities available in your market,

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