Texas Increasing DR Initiatives

Regulators Hoping to Drive Demand-Side Resources

ERCOT recently reported a drop in its 2019 reserve margin to 7.4%, a significant decline from its 11% 2018 reserve margin and well below their target: 13.75%. The Public Utility Commission of Texas described this projection as “very scary” expressing serious concerns about power outages on the hottest summer days. Consequently, they’ve directed ERCOT to increase prices for plants and companies who can respond to peak demand periods.

This presents a great opportunity for companies in ERCOT’s region who want to take advantage of DR incentives, and our Active Load Management software gives organizations industry-leading flexibility, real-time market visibility, and asset-level precision to layer both automated and manual DR strategies on top of your existing building systems.

To learn more about Active Load Management in ERCOT, PJM, CAISO, NYISO, ISO-NE, and other markets, contactus@thgenergy.com to set up a discussion.

For more details on the Texas regulators’ decision, check out Gavin Bade’s article: “Texas regulators direct higher plant payments amid capacity crunch concerns.”

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