Tulsa Fire Going Green

How Tulsa’s Bravest Give to the Environment

Source: Tulsa Fire Stations Facebook Page

The Tulsa Fire Department is seeking ways to become more energy efficient. What is a city to do when many of its firehouses are older and less efficient? It’s not practical to rebuild. Aside from the prohibitive capital outlay of rebuilding these essential facilities, sometimes a city’s oldest firehouses serve as historical landmarks. Case in point: Tulsa’s oldest firehouse, Station No. 5, has unique architectural features dating back to 1932.


To tackle the energy efficiency issue, Tulsa Fire Department initiated a series of retrofit projects to make these firehouses more efficient by implementing a number of improvements including lighting, insulation, HVAC systems, and windows. Using our Energy Intelligence Suite, they easily reviewed energy savings averaging 27% across the updated firehouses and rapidly reported the success of their green initiatives back to the mayor’s office. These savings are now the business case for continued efficiency improvements.

Check out this video of the Fox 23 News Coverage to learn more about Tulsa Fire’s Going Green initiatives.

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