City Captures $800K+ in Value

The Case for ADR at Water Treatment Facilities

With city tax revenue growth being outpaced by growth in service costs and other expenditures and a continuing trend of decreased state and federal aid*, municipalities are looking for ways to save costs and generate revenue. Well, one city has captured over $800,000 in value during 2017-2018 using Automated Demand Response to optimize its water treatment facilities and city buildings.

Using THG’s advanced energy reporting, DR forecasting and notification, they developed strategies to operate their water pumping stations more efficiently. Using our industry-leading gateway technology, they strategically avoided peak pricing and participated in Demand Response programs. Proving, once again, Automated Demand Response is effective across multiple commodities and represents one of the biggest and most underutilized savings opportunities.

Want to learn how you can use ADR to cut costs and generate revenue? for more information.

*Source: National League of Cities, 2018

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