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In April, we helped clients who were in a time crunch successfully fulfill the May 1 mandatory benchmarking requirements for New York City and New York State. New York City’s Local Law 84 had a May 1 deadline for public disclosure of energy and water usage for buildings with more than 50,000 square feet. LL84 uses the EPA’s free online benchmarking tool, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, to track energy and water consumption in US buildings. Similarly, the state of New York has a Homes and Community Renewal (HCR) program requiring energy usage reporting for fuel usage (oil, gas, electricity, steam) and water for all owner-paid utilities. As with NYC LL84, NY State HCR also requires disclosure through ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager by May 1. Although Portfolio Manager is a free tool, many of our clients prefer to allow us to automatically manage their benchmarking data in ENERGY STAR’s tool by pulling audited and validated utility invoice information automatically from our Energy Intelligence Suite. In January, we talked about the invaluable service that ENERGY STAR provides, and the ways we support and integrate their Continuous Improvement efforts in Portfolio Manager.


According to the Pacific Coast Collaborative, benchmarking provides a 123% ROI.


Additionally, federal, state, and city governments rely on ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to enforce their mandatory reporting ordinances. In addition to mandatory reporting on all federal agencies and buildings, there are 12 states and 33 cities with mandatory benchmarking policies as well as a host of voluntary programs at the national, state, and local levels.

We can take this burden off your hands by updating ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager with your utility invoices automatically. Get started today.

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