Why Peak Forecasting is Critical

Managing Summer Peaks Is More Important Than Ever

Last month we discussed how 20-30% of your electric costs are based on the consumption of electricity from just four or five hours of your summer season. We introduced our new Peak Capacity Forecasting & Notification Program for our clients in Texas, the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, New England, and New York. Our Peak Capacity Forecasting & Notification Program notifies clients of potential peak days identifying 12-20 dates that can most impact next year’s demand charges. Reducing load during peak hours can generate substantial savings.

If you have facilities in Texas, this program is more important than ever. ERCOT just announced an expected “tight supply-demand balance across its grid this summer” from higher electricity demand driven by oil and gas development in West Texas and industrial expansion along the coast. Consequently, they are predicting another all-time peak demand record beating the current one set on July 19, 2018!


Don’t miss the opportunity to mitigate the impact of an all-time peak high and drive demand charge savings all year long! To enroll in our Peak Capacity Forecasting & Notification Program, ContactUs@thgenergy.com.

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