COVID-19 Response

THG’s Proactive Measures for the Global Pandemic

As it became apparent in recent weeks that the spread of COVID-19 could cause disruptions, office and school closures, etc., the THG Energy Incident Response Team has been proactive in issuing guidance to employees and supporting all efforts to ensure business activity could continue with most or all of THG staff working remotely if required. As a result, THG staff are 100% prepared to work remotely with no business impact to our customers, both during this pandemic and at any other time. Our continued service levels, as these measures have been implemented, verify that our preparations are working as expected. Our vendors also confirmed their service commitments to us in recent days, though contingency plans are ready to go if needed. The THG Energy Incident Response Team continues to monitor the situation to ensure both uninterrupted service and the continued health of our staff, partners, and customers during this worldwide crisis.

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