THG Energy’s Collaborative Data Partner, Urjanet, Launches Fast Track Utility Data Automation

THG Energy Is Excited To Leverage More Robust Data Integrations From Urjanet That Further Supports Invoice Automation.

We find ourselves in uncharted territory. It’s the ‘new normal’ until the curve flattens out, and there’s still uncertainty as to when that will be. Our clients are challenged daily to maintain business continuity.

As this pandemic continues to restrict normal operations and in-office activity, it’s putting new pressure on departments to maintain normal operations, like Accounting. One area of business that can be 100% automated is utility data acquisition, bill processing and payment. This allows clients to stay focused on primary business operations.

Through a robust data integration with Urjanet, THG Energy Solutions is able to provide continuous services to its customers without human intervention. For example, several regional banking customers subscribe to THG’s multi-commodity utility invoice manage software platform, Energy Intelligence Suite, to manage and receive daily AP batch files. This allows THG’s banking customers to continue paying  utility bills on time, with little human oversite from the AP department. Urjanet keeps THG’s automated utility data feed running 24/7/365 for tens of thousands of locations across the US and globe. Services include electricity, natural gas, waste, water, and interval data from smart meters.

More than ever, commercial and institutional clients need practical, cost effective, and meaningful solutions to help them move toward urgent sustainability mandates and requirements. One of the most important steps is establishing a reliable, streamlined process to measure, manage, and respond to the critical data needs of an energy and sustainability plan. Value-added turnkey services include bill auditing, GL coding, payment management, business sustainability, and building energy disclosure services.

THG is available to better understand how they can support your business in this time. Please let THG know when a good time would be to connect and talk further. Contact Chad at THG to learn more: or 918.858.4943.

Read the full release from Urjanet here.

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