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Coming Back From Covid: Strong Growth Continues with Cost Effective Energy and Sustainability Offerings

Throughout the Covid crisis, commercial real estate and multi-facility institutions are under extreme cost pressures.  In this difficult environment, one winning customer engagement strategy has continued to see strong growth.  SaaS based energy management platforms improve and simplify access to actionable data, provide excellent cost savings, and drive sustainability and efficiency.  For traditional energy brokers and suppliers, these highly valued services expand client engagements and create new revenue opportunities across North America.

Working alongside our partners, THG continues to successfully deploy SaaS based energy and sustainability data solutions for more than 200,000 C&I accounts through private labeled versions of THG’s Energy Intelligence Suite (EIS).  THG helps energy suppliers, advisors, and utilities prepare for the next phase of energy and sustainability services with proven and scalable data and technology solutions.  THG’s EIS platform focuses upon identifying, measuring, and managing practical energy efficiency and demand savings while streamlining ESG reporting and benchmarking. 

Here are FIVE reasons partnering with THG continues to lead to successful expansion and engagement with multi-facility client offerings:

  1. THG helps partners drive customer growth, retention, and expanded revenues with a data driven approach for Energy and Sustainability Management.
  2. THG’s SaaS platform streamlines and simplifies the challenges of aggregating and managing all aspects of multi-sourced energy and sustainability data for cost, usage, metering, and facility benchmarking solutions.
  3. THG’s partners can quickly and easily add a best in class energy and sustainability platform at a fraction of the time and cost of similar offers with very little incremental resources or requirements.
  4. THG has become a market leader in facilitating automation and participation demand management programs across North America.   THG’s engineers have deep experience in accessing and integrating interval data from all sources as well as automating load control strategies for building automation and HVAC systems, generators, batteries, solar and other DER assets. THG works closely with our partners to provide the “last mile” solution for optimization and integration of loads into real time energy and demand management strategies. 
  5. THG does not compete with our partners in supply, procurement, or advisory services.  We focus on practical and affordable data and technology solutions that help our partners expand offerings and succeed in the new energy transition.


Let THG help your company prepare for the next phase of the energy transition. 

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