Webinar Series: Expanding Engagement & Revenue Opportunities with Energy Management & Sustainability Services

Join THG Energy for a four part webinar series.

We have seen tremendous growth in these areas for our industry and channel partners.  We want to make sure that organizations understand the impact that expanding services to existing clients can have on growth, engagement, and customer retention.

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Here is a complete listing of all the mini-sessions  and links to their recordings:
Listen to Week 1 –
Intro: The Changing Roles of Energy Management & Sustainability Data
Listen to Week 2 – Weds. May 10th
Advanced Energy Management – Introduction of DERs, IoT,  Real-time Markets, and Grid Integration
Listen to Week 3 – Weds. May 17th
GHG Protocol- Scope 1&2 Compliance
Listen to Week 4 – Weds. May 24th
Pulling It All Together- Expand Offerings and Revenues, While Growing Client Engagement

Why Creating Opportunities for Growth In Energy Management & Sustainability Data Is Important

We know that many organizations in the energy sector have been talking about the integration of renewable energy and carbon accounting for a decade. However, in the past twelve months, our company has experienced significant growth in client engagements and a continuing surge in activity and interest. We are convinced that the mainstream adoption of these activities is underway for the majority of commercial clients.

We understand that many energy consultants and advisors have engaged in limited efforts to support these actions. We believe that successful energy partners and advisors need to significantly increase client engagement and focus on providing these valuable and necessary client services.

Offering best-in-class energy management and sustainability data represents a significant opportunity to expand your product offerings and increase revenue while also providing valuable, long-term services to your clients. At the same time, we understand the importance of addressing and understanding critical client needs with long-term “sticky” services.

THG Energy works with dozens of industry partners to provide a private labeled data and technology platform offering best-in-class energy and sustainability management solutions for multi-facility clients across North America and in 20 countries. We have over ten years of experience as a data and technology partner, and we are committed to respecting client relationships by not competing in supply, procurement, consulting, or other energy services.

We created a series of four thirty-minute presentations and one-on-one discussions with industry partners to help further explore and discuss these opportunities:


Whether you are ready to engage THG as a partner or just looking for additional information, we believe you’ll find this material useful and beneficial. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to schedule a one-on-one discussion with our team.

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