Emissions Compliance – A Significant Opportunity

Emissions Compliance – Is Your Company Missing A Significant Client Opportunity?

The GHG compliance push is on.  What does that mean for energy suppliers and consultants?

What’s Happening?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposed a rule in March 2022 that would require public companies in the United States to disclose their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The rule is still in the comment period, and the SEC is expected to finalize it later this year.  Although some of the Scope 3 (indirect) reporting requirements will be debated and challenged, the Scope 1 & 2 reporting requirements are well documented and broadly accepted.  These rules will begin to impact companies with financial disclosure requirements as early as 2024.  Already, large companies are actively engaging in emissions disclosure.  Small to mid-size manufacturers in the supply chains of larger, blue-chip manufacturers have reported their emissions for over a decade.  Supply chain integration with clients, capital partners, governmental agencies, and other stakeholders, will continue to drive broader adoption of emissions disclosure from now through the foreseeable future.

Start The Work Now!

THG provides auditable, verifiable scope 1 & 2 emissions reporting methodology for facilities in accordance with the GHG Protocol.  THG helps large clients complete GHG compliance data requirements for building and facilities across the globe.  Even if an organization hasn’t defined sustainability goals, having the baseline year GHG data is necessary and critical.  The core utility data is maintained on utility websites for 12 months.  After a year, manual data retrieval becomes much more manual, costly, and ineffective.

Provide Valuable Long Term Client Services

Multi-sourced and multi-commodity data gathering of energy and utility consumption for previously untracked GHG data is difficult.  Most organizations are unprepared for the task.  It is strongly recommended to start now on a plan to gather baseline reporting data for the prior year, and begin to accumulate prior years as necessary.  THG works with more than 40 industry partners to provide streamlined, cost effective, and robust data collection and compliance through customized “white label” solutions.   THG’s SaaS solutions enhance and strengthen our partners with reliable data and technology solutions and don’t compete in supply, procurement, or advisory consulting.

Help Solve Sustainability Challenges With Practical and Pragmatic Solutions and Reliable Data

Energy sourcing, supply, and contracting combined with energy efficiency and DER integration are the most critical components for GHG mitigation strategies.  No one is closer to client solutions than the electricity supplier and solutions provider.  A data centric customized solution for client facilities begins with a solid understanding of GHG baseline data.  Opportunities around renewable energy purchasing, DER integration, demand and efficiency are all informed by robust energy and sustainability data.


We would love to understand the challenges you’re facing, and see how our support and solutions could help you prepare and position your organization to be ready to take action on carbon accounting and sustainability initiatives.

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